Ranting Challenge: Education

Education is important. Some educational systems are better than others, obviously, but I don’t see myself ever sending my kids to some private school that I pay for every year to make them put on tacky uniforms. I think I got a pretty good education, but I probably could have done better and gone farther if someone believed in me and put me in better classes.

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Ranting Challenge: Appearance

This one kind of runs along the same as makeup in some instances. For me, I like to look good & sometimes I feel like I have to look good physically but I know there’s people who will still love any way I look, so sometimes I ‘scrub’ it out or don’t put makeup on for the day. The other forms of appearance, like, how you present yourself is a different story. You should always appear to be your best, in the sense that you are acting right towards others. Appearing to look ugly and de-shelved today because you ran through the city in the rain to make sure your boyfriend got to work on time and you caught a train home is alright in my book. Appearing to be a rude and uncaring person as you rush your way through a train station, running over peoples’ feet with your bag and yelling at the ones who get in your way… yeah, you’ve failed at how you appear.

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