Education is very important. What’s even more important is getting it from more than one source. It doesn’t cut it to be book smart anymore. You need to pay attention to your surroundings and take in everything you can. A grade in a class is gauge on what your professor wants you to learn and how well you’ve grasped it but it doesn’t state how much you’ve actually learned yourself. For instance, Modern Architecture. From being sick for practically an entire quarter, missing classes, and just not being able to absorb the material - I did awfully in the course. But you know what, I also learned a lot. Unfortunately, we spoke about European Architecture which is fantastic except for the fact that I’ve never been there and I’m just judging things from an image on a page. One reason of many why I want to visit the Lacoste campus so much, is that I’ll be able to visit different areas of France and learn and experience the architecture. Education is extremely important and even unrelated things can connect later. So learn to scoop ice cream now, gain time management later, if ya know what I mean.

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Ranting Challenge: Education

Education is important. Some educational systems are better than others, obviously, but I don’t see myself ever sending my kids to some private school that I pay for every year to make them put on tacky uniforms. I think I got a pretty good education, but I probably could have done better and gone farther if someone believed in me and put me in better classes.

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